Peyton Prati, Owner

Peyton Prati, owner of ARRANGE, is a professional organizer by nature. Her left brain dominates, making it easy for her to stay focused, master her tasks, and efficiently organize lives. However, she is wildly creative. Her right brain shines through in her eye for design, color, and creating warmth in each space of your home. Originally from Austin, Texas, Peyton received her degree in Advertising from the University of Texas. After traveling around the world, she landed in Jackson, Wyoming and started working for a high-end interior design firm. A few years later, she launched two sister companies to help families with management and organization of their homes and lives. Peyton provides skills, information, and focus that enable people to create peace of mind one file, one pile, at a time.

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Carli Lyon, Project Manager

Carli Lyon, ARRANGE Project Manager, has always been known as a do’er. Her personality and passion is to organize, be it people, events, or closets.  Armed with a degree in Communications and Public Relations, she left Nebraska and made her home in the mountains of Jackson Hole. Carli joined the team full time in 2017 after 13 years in travel marketing and project development.  She focuses on the tasks at hand and works through the process creatively. With a passion for project management and organization she likes to think of all the options logistically.  If there is something new to try to make your to do list that much more bearable she will find it. Whether it’s moving your home or tackling your to-do list, her warm and friendly personality is a big part of helping others feel at ease when life becomes overwhelming. She is known to give an enthusiastic “let’s do it” to just about anything.